Beyond The Dark Tower: (Book 2)

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Making it less of a loop and more of a spiral, which has been alluded to in the show. But yes there are so many similarities. I was concentrating more on the literal self-insert and multiple dimensions, but you're right, the ka-tet thing is a more obvious comparison. People with obvious identity issues beyond the extra-dimensional.

It's such a massive story that it's hard to consume fiction without finding at least a couple parallels, but there is a lot more here than usual. I feel the same way.

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I was also reminded about the rose in the Dark Tower and the flowers mapping out different dimensions. I agree wit you with the whole Ka-tet feel. Ascending to the top of the house and opening the rose window reminded me of Roland ascending the tower. So many similarities! I felt that whole vibe especially in the last episode. The Dark Tower is my favorite series too. I knew there was more I was missing. I started wizard and glass yesterday and the recap at the beginning just set my brain on fire and more and more hits me as the book moves on.

Fucking love these two series. The graphic novels actually tell the story chronologically. So they take backstory from the first few books and a big chunk of book 4 and start when Roland is s teen. I just finished season 2 and thought about The Dark Tower novel immediately as Karim read the message that was carved in the back of that door in the old house.

The Drawing of the Three (The Dark Tower, #2) by Stephen King

Also, all that rose thing. In DT the rose represented the Dark Tower itself and all the multiple universes. Also, every single one of the flowers represented a different world in the field of roses around the Dark Tower. In The OA, the roses sprouting out of the ears made a map of every single reality related to the boys Jesse, Steven and French. If you want to go deeper into it, you can even recall that the roses in DT seemed to be singing I love it!! Great connections there.

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Im back up to wizard and glass now and the dominoes just keep falling. It makes me love this series even more. It really makes me wonder if Brit and Zal are tower fans, or are these just universal themes for this type of story. The part that really made me think of the Dark Tower was the abandoned house with the connections to other dimensions especially with the red rose window.

Oh man yes, thank you, I don't know anyone else that has seen the series and read the books and season 2 episode 2 really hit me with the similarity for some reason.

The Dark Tower Series

Season 1 is kind of like Wizard and Glass, when Roland is telling his new ka-tet about his old one. The house on Nob Hill is so much like the house Jake goes into in one of the books, how it seems almost alive.

Stephen King The Dark Tower 2: The Drawing of the Three BOOK REVIEW - Hail To Stephen King EP4

The novel follows Roland's trek through a vast desert and beyond in search of the man in black. Roland meets several people along his journey, including a boy named Jake Chambers who travels with him part of the way. The Gunslinger.

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Nothing has been the same since. Over twenty years later, the quest for the Dark Tower continues to take readers on a wildly epic ride.

The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three

Through parallel worlds and across time, Roland must brave desolate wastelands and endless deserts, drifting into the unimaginable and the familiar as the road to the Dark Tower extends beyond its own pages. The film recieved negative reviews by fans and critics alike. While discussing the development of the series in the light of the film's critical and commercial underperformance, King expressed "we'll see what happens with that.

When a series of gruesome murders occur in western Wisconsin that is reminiscent of those committed several decades earlier by a real-life madman named Albert Fish, the killer is dubbed "The Fisherman," and Jack's buddy, the local chief of police, begs Jack to help his inexperienced force find him.

But is this merely the work of a disturbed individual, or has a mysterious and malignant force been unleashed in this quiet town? The weird, wild west—an American frontier populated by gunslingers, rattlesnakes, outlaws, zombies, aliens, time travelers, and steampunk! Twenty-three of science fiction and fantasy's hottest and most popular authors create all-new tales, written exclusively for this anthology.

Aliens and monsters, magic and science are introduced to the old West, with explosive results. Ralph Roberts has a problem: he isn't sleeping so well these days. In fact, he's hardly sleeping at all. He's begun to notice a strangeness in his familiar surroundings, to experience visual phenomena that he can't quite believe are hallucinations. Soon, Ralph thinks, he won't be sleeping at all, and what then? Ralph has lived his entire life in Derry, Maine, and Derry isn't like other places, as millions of Stephen King readers will gladly testify.

The dying, natural and otherwise, has been going on in Derry for a long, long time. Now Ralph is part of it.

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So are his friends. And so are the strangers they encounter. With his killer's cool and his famous pearl-handled pistols, Johnny Pearl has made a name for himself as a gunslinger. But fame proves itself hollow, and his demons finally catch up to him after one gunfight too many.

Beyond The Dark Tower: (Book 2) Beyond The Dark Tower: (Book 2)
Beyond The Dark Tower: (Book 2) Beyond The Dark Tower: (Book 2)
Beyond The Dark Tower: (Book 2) Beyond The Dark Tower: (Book 2)
Beyond The Dark Tower: (Book 2) Beyond The Dark Tower: (Book 2)
Beyond The Dark Tower: (Book 2) Beyond The Dark Tower: (Book 2)
Beyond The Dark Tower: (Book 2) Beyond The Dark Tower: (Book 2)
Beyond The Dark Tower: (Book 2) Beyond The Dark Tower: (Book 2)
Beyond The Dark Tower: (Book 2) Beyond The Dark Tower: (Book 2)
Beyond The Dark Tower: (Book 2)

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