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The checkmate with the queen is the most common, and easiest to achieve. It often occurs after a pawn has queened. A checkmate with the rook is also common, but a checkmate with the two bishops or with a bishop and knight occurs infrequently. The two bishop checkmate is fairly easy to accomplish, but the bishop and knight checkmate is difficult and requires precision. The first two diagrams show representatives of the basic checkmate positions with a queen , which can occur on any edge of the board. Naturally, the exact position can vary from the diagram. In the first of the checkmate positions, the queen is directly in front of the opposing king and the white king is protecting its queen.

In the second checkmate position, the kings are in opposition and the queen mates on the rank or file of the king. With the side with the queen to move, checkmate can be forced in at most ten moves from any starting position, with optimal play by both sides, but usually fewer moves are required. In the position diagrammed, White checkmates easily by confining the black king to a rectangle and shrinking the rectangle to force the king to the edge of the board:.

The superior side must be careful to not stalemate the opposing king, whereas the defender would like to get into such a position. There are two general types of stalemate positions that can occur, which the stronger side must avoid. The first diagram shows the basic checkmate position with a rook , which can occur on any edge of the board.

The black king can be on any square on the edge of the board, the white king is in opposition to it, and the rook can check from any square on the rank or file assuming that it can not be captured. The second diagram shows a slightly different position where the kings are not in opposition but the defending king must be in a corner.

With the side with the rook to move, checkmate can be forced in at most sixteen moves from any starting position. In the third diagram position, White checkmates by confining the black king to a rectangle and shrinking the rectangle to force the king to the edge of the board:. There are two stalemate positions: [28]. Here are the two basic checkmate positions with two bishops on opposite-colored squares , which can occur in any corner.

Two or more bishops on the same color, which could occur because of pawn underpromotion , cannot checkmate. The first is a checkmate in the corner. The second position is a checkmate in a side square next to the corner square. With the side with the bishops to move, checkmate can be forced in at most nineteen moves, [29] except in some very rare positions 0.

It is not too difficult for two bishops to force checkmate, with the aid of their king. Two principles apply:. In the position from Seirawan, White wins by first forcing the black king to the side of the board, then to a corner, and then checkmates. It can be any side of the board and any corner. The process is:.

Note that this is not the shortest forced checkmate from this position. One example of a stalemate is this position, where 1. Kb6 marked with the x would be stalemate.

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Of the basic checkmates, this is the most difficult one to force , because these two pieces cannot form a linear barrier to the enemy king from a distance. Also, the checkmate can be forced only in a corner that the bishop controls. Two basic checkmate positions are shown with a bishop and a knight , or the bishop and knight checkmate. The bishop can be on other squares along the diagonal, the white king and knight have to be on squares that attack g8 and h7.

The second position is a checkmate by the knight, with the black king on a side square next to the corner. The knight can be on other squares that check the black king. The white king must be on a square to protect the bishop and cover a square not covered by the knight. With the side with the bishop and knight to move, checkmate can be forced in at most thirty-three moves from any starting position, [35] except those in which the defending king is initially forking the bishop and knight and it is not possible to defend both. However, the mating process requires accurate play, since a few errors could result in a draw either by the fifty-move rule or stalemate.

Opinions differ as to whether or not a player should learn this checkmate procedure. James Howell omits the checkmate with two bishops in his book because it rarely occurs but includes the bishop and knight checkmate. Howell says that he has had it three times always on the defending side and that it occurs more often than the checkmate with two bishops.

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Should the chess hopeful really spend many of his precious hours he's put aside for chess study learning an endgame he will achieve at most only once or twice in his lifetime? This position is an example of a stalemate, from the end of a endgame study by A. White has just moved 1.

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If Black moves But after any bishop move, the position is a stalemate. A back-rank checkmate is a checkmate delivered by a rook or queen along a back rank that is, the row on which the pieces [not pawns] stand at the start of the game in which the mated king is unable to move up the board because the king is blocked by friendly pieces usually pawns on the second rank. It is also known as the corridor mate.

Scholar's Mate also known as the four-move checkmate is the checkmate achieved by the moves:. The moves might be played in a different order or in slight variation, but the basic idea is the same: the queen and bishop combine in a simple mating attack on f7 or f2 if Black is performing the mate.

Fool's Mate , also known as the "Two-Move Checkmate", is the quickest possible checkmate. A prime example consists of the moves:. You can help the DC Database by improving this article's grammar and sentence structure to bring it up to a higher standard of quality. Poor Perry's gonna have a heart attack if you don't! Checkmate is a governmental intelligence agency established by Amanda Waller as an independent branch of Task Force X.

Checkmate was created from its predecessor group, The Agency , which was originally set up by Amanda Waller to serve as a small, quasi-independent branch of Task Force X under the command of Colonel Valentina Vostok formerly Negative Woman of the Doom Patrol to perform operations worldwide considered vital to the security of American interests. She relinquished command to New York Police Lieutenant Harry Stein , who recreates the agency with a new image and organization, dubbed Checkmate, in relation to its chess-inspired organizational scheme.

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Checkmate was involved in an inter-agency war between the Suicide Squad and Project Atom , who were manipulated by the international terrorist Kobra in order to distract the United States intelligence community from his activities. Checkmate lost at least 38 Knight agents tallying to more than two thirds of Checkmate's Knight force and its headquarters as well as its cover, Konig Industries in Shelby, Virginia in the incident. Sarge Steel reactivated Checkmate in order to find the comatose body of the assassin Deathstroke.

Harry Stein was put on a indefinite leave of absence after his son was shot and has been spending more time with his family. Checkmate Knights invaded the lair of supervillainess Cheshire , but most were killed by her operatives and a revived Deathstroke. Two surviving Checkmate agents were about to defeat Deathstroke, but only to be subdued by Roy Harper at that time also known as Speedy , revealing to be helping Cheshire as a double agent in both Checkmate and the Brotherhood of Evil. The Russian outfit of Checkmate appears when Deathstroke, Cheshire, Speedy, and others try to steal a group of nuclear warheads in Russia.

It was revealed that Harper called in Checkmate and that he was working on their side all along.

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Ultimately, Deathstroke was also revealed to be working for the CIA, and joins up with the American and Russian Checkmate that invade Cheshire's base later on after she's threatened the world unleashing a nuclear warhead on the country of Qurac as leverage. They were able to defeat Cheshire, and the warheads destroyed. David Said took over the role of King within the organization.

The move fails to improve White's position and weakens the already dangerous e1-h4 diagonal. Even discounting Black's winning reply, the move makes little sense. While it technically allows the kingside bishop to move out, that bishop still can't get out from behind its own pawns. Even if it moves to h3, the g4 pawn blocks it from entering the rest of the battlefield. Had White recognized this first error, it might instead have moved the second pawn to g3, thereby blocking the e1-h4 diagonal and buying some time.

Black finishes off the game by moving its queen to h4. White cannot capture the queen, move its king to safety or block the queen's attack. In just two moves, White finds himself checkmated. This illustrates both the powerful nature of the queen, as well as the dangers of opening lines to your king in the early part of the game.

White could have avoided this mess, but instead violated the basic opening principles of controlling the center of the board and maintaining king safety. A better approach would have been for White to advance its central pawns, which could have helped control the middle of the board, allowing its knights and bishops to safely enter play.

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