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Guignard can write, man, and this particular book has a welcome dash of literary style to it with prose that shines. He does a great job building up his cast of characters and he explores the nature of storytelling with skill and a whole lot of panache. The book itself is a marvelous ode to storytelling and the ways in which it enriches our lives, for both the storyteller and the consumer of those stories.

NIGHTMARE FUEL - Doorways - Part 1

At times it moves with the purposeful slowness of a long freight train steadily chugging along, and at other times it rockets along like a high speed rail. It never feels imbalanced or unsteady, though. While Doorways to Deadeye has a Neil Gaiman-esque quality to it, Guignard proves as adept as some of the best horror authors in setting a scene, like the Luke and Lizbeth chapter, which sees Luke entering a strange house.

Right off the bat, Guignard establishes an eerie atmosphere and a creeping sense of dread that continually builds toward a shocking and gruesome discovery that positively startled me.

What Lies Beyond: Doorways in Gaming

Fact or fiction matters not, here, and seeing Dillinger square off against Western lawdogs in the streets of Boston is an awfully good time. Needed to give my husband a sense of privacy after making living room into a bedroom for him. I didn't need it for my 90" doorway opening using med weight full length curtains.

Many people walked through the doorway - pushing thru the middle of the curtains - and it didn't move or bow down. Skip to main content Explore curtain rods for doorways. Customer Review.

Doorways Housing

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So far so good. See what other customers said Customer Review. See full review. Would this rod work well over an open doorway? See full answer. Good buy! This has two short sizes in the descriptions-- 29 inch and 31 inch.

Doorways: Chapters 1-3

Will it actually fit in a 29 inch shower doorway?? Hello Can I use this tension rod to hang curtain in a window without them falling. Easy to put up and fits securely Really easy to install. Four Stars. Finally, a sturdy, elegant, tension rod with a larger proportion. Do you have rods to put in doorways between rooms? I want to put on my door way because I don't have a door.

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Its 3. Worked great! Exactly what I needed. Very sturdy for a 94 inch doorway! Opinion please, I would like to use this to hand a medium weight curtain as a doorway divider would it hold up with in and out traffic? I have a window that is 92", will this rod hold medium weight curtains or do I need a center ceiling bracket?

Explore curve curtain rods for shower. Explore tension rods for door. Explore tension rod curtains for bedroom. Explore tension curtain rods for windows. Customer review. Nice looking, easy to install I just now installed this shower curtain rod.

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  4. It arrived already assembled and merely needed to be rotated until it lengthened to the proper length for installation. I pulled one of the end caps off to slide the curtain loops onto the rod, then replaced the cap and pressed the rod into place between two tile walls.

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    6. This rod feels sturdy and the pads at the ends have a much larger surface area than my previous curtain rod -- which kept slipping and falling down into the bathtub.


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