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This is important for sales, because the higher you rank in categories, the easier it will be for people to find your book. Make sure it matches the intent of people searching for your book. For example, I wanted to maximize the exposure of this book by choosing a business category and self-help category. This way I capture people searching in both genres.

Creativity would be the easier category for me to crack the top in so that people could discover me organically. So I chose to start with that one. The cool thing about categories is that you can change them at any time as your book becomes more popular. You can use the same exact reverse logic we just outlined for selecting a category to determine this paid ranking of th book.

How To Publish A Kindle eBook Today On Amazon

Though terrible for humanity, this is awesome for driving downloads You need to exercise some gamesmanship. On each site you should be able to find a most popular section where you can gauge what people find interesting and then calibrate your copy and positioning to maximize engagement. I noticed that previous posts that explicitly stated free Amazon books where well received so I made sure to follow suit. People want to see what all the juicy gossip is about! So replying to each one is an easy way to double the amount of comments on your post which increases engagement.

Two great examples: Udemy. Udemy is an education platform that makes it easy for people to host and take online video courses.

Kindle Direct Publishing: How to Make Real Money on Amazon

It more or less sends an email message to everyone in the class in the form of an email notification. Once you get a commitment from a teacher or meetup organizer, you want to make it as EASY as possible for the instructor to promote you by giving them an exact script they can send to their community. Again, even though this message was sent through the Udemy platform, I received this in my inbox! Whenever I need the support of others for a project, I go through this list and see who might mutually benefit from getting access to something in exchange for a favor like a Amazon review.

You can grab an exact template for this email here or at the end of the post. In anticipation for the launch, I created a page on my site that explained exactly how to leave a Kindle review. Then I made sure to link to it in all of these type of emails to make it as easy as possible for everyone to leave a review. I later found out that you can actually link directly to the book review page to make leaving a review even simpler example link here Must be logged into Amazon to view.

Again, the novelty here is creating a system or document that makes it easy to isolate the people that you can ask for direct help from in these type of situations. Just like a phone book, the purpose is organization, not an attempt to dehumanize your relationships. You can download this script here or at the end of the article. Even if someone thinks your book rocks, they might still be concerned that any promotional email will prompt unsubscribes In order to determine this, I simply asked him to find search on facebook and see which groups were explicitly for free book giveaways or where people sharing books were positively received with comments and likes.

On launch day, I instructed him to blast the groups using a template I created you can find below around lunch time Eastern time Due to time constraints, we only hit the Facebook groups and Twitter handles that we knew were interested in free book promotions…. But you can imagine how this strategy can be replicated across Facebook groups and Twitter syndication handles relevant to your book topic.

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People have been promoting stuff in the emails they send ever since linking in your signature became all the rage…. But why limit it to the emails you send if getting the word out about something is really important to you? The key element of this autoresponder is the title.

I got responses to my autoresponder and a handful of people from this subset left me a review. Have you ever noticed that verbally rewarding the actions you want others to take begets people to take that action more often? Understanding and leveraging this social-dynamic can help you to inspire additional people in your network to leave positive reviews for your book.

Specifically, publicly thank everyone who downloaded your book and individually highlight those left you a review. On the 2nd day of my free promotion, I publicly thanked everyone who downloaded the book and left a review on Facebook :. And when you find a marketing strategy that works, double down!

8 Top Tips to Sell eBooks on Amazon and Make Money in 12222

Tweet this. The next couple of tactics might be lower hanging fruit or more obvious, but are still worth mentioning. One way to accomplish this is by giving people in your social media network the chance to raise their hand. I asked my network if they were interested in my book topic lifehacks as well as whether they wanted early access to a book I was coming out with.

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My goal was to identify people to create a delightful experience that would hopefully provide reciprocal support in the form of a review. On twitter, I made sure to ask the people who replied to me for their email so I could follow up with them in a less public forum email. For Facebook, I just planned on using the messenger.

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I did not decide to ask these questions on LinkedIn or individually email people who I thought might be interested, but these would have absolutely been effective strategies. I chose to try both. When you first upload your book, you have to set a price. It only becomes free when you fire up your free promotion full guidelines here. Instead, I just teased about it alluding to the subject and that I was coming out with a book as outlined above.

The day before the free promotion I bought a copy of the book for everyone from twitter who indicated they wanted early access. Honestly the only reason I did this for people from Twitter and not Facebook was because I had their emails and it was a group of 8 people vs. Within the purchase email I made sure to give a gentle nudge to leave a positive review if they found it valuable. Eight purchases for my twitter friends resulted in 4 reviews and some feel good vibes for hooking up some friends.

You can grab the exact script I used for the Amazon purchases featured above here or at the end of the post. You can replicate this strategy for everyone that indicated they were interested in your topic i. On Facebook, I chose to simply send a personalized message to these people the day the free promotion started. You can steal this exact message template here or get it at the end of the post. Of the 26 people I messaged on Facebook , 11 got back to me and left a review.

We mentioned this in 1, but the more you can involve people in the creation process, the more likely they are to help promote your book. A very simple thing you can do is seek out opportunities to feature other people, products, and services in your book and then let them know that you included them in the book. The hope is that this will inspire them to help you promote it. The day of the book launch, I shot him, along with everyone else who was featured, a personally tailored version of this email:.

A good portion of the people featured either wrote a review or promoted the book on social media which was much appreciated! Videos on youtube, Slideshare presentations, and additional blog post are good places to start. Though this amount of traffic pales in comparison to huge blogs, even extra downloads can be the difference between breaking a critical ranking threshold like the top in your Kindle category. Throughout the free promotion I shared screenshots of its rise in the Kindle store on social media. Every time you do this is another chance for new people to encounter your book and a reminder for others to leave a review if maybe they intended to, but forgot Whether you want to make some money while you sleep or capture new customers, the Amazon Kindle Store represents a massive opportunity.

The key for you to be successful is to fight, scratch, and claw for reviews and downloads using the types of marketing techniques outlined in this post.

2. Research the Most Searched Amazon Book Keywords

He write about his adventures here: Life-LongLearner. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. Thanks so much for this article packed full of tremendous value.

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I'm in the process of making my current paperback self-published book an ebook. I can't wait to apply all of this advice and watch it take off. Scott, thankyou so much for sharing this plethora of information. I have bookmarked your post and will diligently be following your advice for the upcoming self-publication of my first e-book ' Teacher Without a Filter', which I hope to be ready before the end of My favourite advice was engaging free giveaways to build up popularity rankings! All the best with your endeavours. This article was so helpful! Thank you so much for sharing all of this valuable information.

I'm excited to use these tactics to launch my ebooks! Thanks for your article--it provides a terrific starting point for my new self-pubbed book, You Can Heal Your Headache.

How to make an ebook for free to post to amazon How to make an ebook for free to post to amazon
How to make an ebook for free to post to amazon How to make an ebook for free to post to amazon
How to make an ebook for free to post to amazon How to make an ebook for free to post to amazon
How to make an ebook for free to post to amazon How to make an ebook for free to post to amazon
How to make an ebook for free to post to amazon How to make an ebook for free to post to amazon
How to make an ebook for free to post to amazon How to make an ebook for free to post to amazon

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