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The secret sauce in this instance is not giving up. Most of my process is very proprietary due to the struggles I endured to craft my passion. So I leave the rest to taste! You will taste and enjoy Kentucky in every cup. For those chocolate and pecan lovers; only a hint of Buffalo Trace bourbon will hit the spot. You are sure to enjoy this barrel aged coffee.

The nose in this cup will surely kick that stuffy cold. My favorite! The cowboy coffee is so awesome with its natural notes of caramelized sugars and vanillas with a shot of bourbon. It won't put hair on your chest, but it will give you the get-up and go to ride that horse kind of feeling.

Seasonal only- August through December Having just a sprinkle of bourbon with your pumpkin coffee is the best. We handcraft this like no other.

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Pronounced barrel moka This is a year-old hot chocolate recipe. Although it's not my recipe, it is one to share with your family. Or, for your family experience, use 1 one gallon of milk and place into an approved container. For the lovers of fresh roasted coffee and not the fan of bourbon, then this coffee is definitely for you.

Barrel Aged Coffee. My Story. My Idea for coffee began long before I realized it. Pumpkin Barrel: Seasonal only- August through December Having just a sprinkle of bourbon with your pumpkin coffee is the best. Enhance it more with a hint of sugar and cream for a delightful treat and a hint of Buffalo Trace bourbon. A fantastic way to start your day or finish a meal.

The full-bodied pecan is a perfect delight in your coffee. With an infused flavor of bourbon butter brown sugar with a slow-roasted pecan is surely a taste to indulge. A really bad one. Mine is horrible, I can't even drink it. Through many lessons learned the hard way My first bottle was amazing, thought it would be my go to whisky, and at such great value.

Subsequently bought 2 more different cask number they are almost undrinkable, just tastes of sulphur. I assume, and hope, that it was just a dodgy cask. Anyone else encountered this? Best 12 year old I've ever tasted. Bravo Balvenie. Really hope this one has lots of legs on it unlike the 15 year old single barrel which has been snapped up by collectors alike. I feel like I need to buy an entire case of this. Where's my wallet? Creamy vanilla ice cream drizzled on top of a toffee apple. Remarkable stuff. Best with a teaspoon of water. No more. I never thought I'd like this whisky so much, given that I drink smoky, peaty whiskies all the time.

French adventurer Jean-Jacques Savin barrels across the Atlantic

But this is truly something special and well worth the price. The best that balvenie makes in the 12 year range. Now I have had doublewood many times and it is great but it is also overpriced here in the states now and since its the same price as this figured this was a better value and wow was I right. This is a very intriguing style of whisky to me quite dry and a little tart, very complex with a long finish that reveals vanilla, apples and spices.

Only thing I can think of that's similar to this is Craigellachie 13 but this might actually be a little better. At first wasn't sure how much I liked this but drinking it again I realize this is a fantastic whisky, absolutely delightful with a long finish and good complexity.

The Sugarbear. Opened a bottle of this tonight and there are no words to describe it's delicate and smooth yet rich flavour. MoM are also is providing excellent service. Without question the best 12 year old distillery bottling around. Absolutely stunning. That is a bargain and a half.


Urban Dictionary: in the barrel

Second, this is a far superior whiskey to the 12 year Doublewood at only 2 more quid. Buy this now, you will not regret it. All there is, is harsh spice and more spice. Unpleasant to drink and not worth the money at all.. Water just renders it bitter tasting..

My first and last Balvenie bottle I buy without having tasted it first. Bad cask? Who knows.. My favorite Speysider -- nose is incredible after it opens up. Lots of bourbon notes, vanilla, honey, even some barrel char -- malty, citrus, lemon grass, asian pear, and some light floral and herb notes. Taste - vanilla, oak, wood spice, candy apples, citrus and some herbal white pepper. Kind of oily mount. I think I might actually like the nose better than the taste. A mix of vanilla, honey, pears, apples, a touch of oak and spice in the finish.

Perfect strength, water breaks the balance in this whisky. Fantastic - just opened a good bottle from a good friend, with a good friend - not disappointed!

Beautiful whisky, I've only been interested in whisky for a couple of years but I know what I like Age statements, non chill filtration, and a family owned distillery that has it's own long standing traditions. I'm sure I speak for most people reading this review when I say, Balvenie, I salute you, please never change.

Great value for money and ticks all the boxes. First bottle of this particular brand from a begginner on the whiskey journey. What can i say Lots of vanilla, honey, oak, apples with a long citrus finish. Non chill filtered, natural color just as any whiskey should be, bottled at This is a definite must!!!

Yes, You Can Buy Your Own Bourbon Barrel

Highly recommended, you will not be disappointed and at 60 euros or 45 punds its a bargain for the quality you are getting. Wow what a dram! I gained this from the advent calendar and am really impressed. It has quite a smooth, sweet and thick taste to it with hints of caramel and apples tasting notes above are accurate in my opinion. Afterwards the taste lingers and whilst it has a strong flavour it doesn't have the burn you get from some whiskies. I can understand now how it has won so many reviews and will be looking to get a bottle in the future!

This is punchy up front with aromas of spiced apples baked on a campfire served with ice cream and then with honey and treacle flavours pushing through the mid-palate.

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My Year in the Barrel My Year in the Barrel
My Year in the Barrel My Year in the Barrel
My Year in the Barrel My Year in the Barrel
My Year in the Barrel My Year in the Barrel
My Year in the Barrel My Year in the Barrel

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