No Longer Afraid (Home to Lake Louise)

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Chateau Fairmont Lake Louise

Sadly, a grizzly sow was killed on the highway near Lake Louise recently - banffcragandcanyon. You may find this recent discussion on the Jasper forum helpful:. Note that you will have to buy or rent bear spray when you arrive unless you're driving. Also, be sure to check the online trail report or talk to parks staff about bear activity before your hike.

Jasper trail report: www. Banff trail report: www. As CW says it is rare, but bear encounters do happen occasionally , so it's good to be aware and prepared.

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Make noise and hike in groups, that is always good advice wear bear bells if you have them. Don't be stressed all day long and let it ruin your hike though. The Canadian Rockies are beautiful, and you should enjoy your time here, not spend it being stressed out.

I get where you're coming from. Although we've seen bears multiple times in the Canadian Rockies on our three trips there, we've never encountered one on the trail we did encounter a grizzly mama and two cubs in Glacier. It sounds like you have read info to be prepared and know what to do you're a step ahead of people who don't do that! Although they get a lot of press, human - bear interactions are actually pretty rare. So try not to stress and enjoy your time advice I'm trying to take myself, ha ha.

Banff & Lake Louise: Winter Guide (2019-20) 🇨🇦

How worried are you that you will be crushed by a large truck when you step off the curb on any given urban street? That happens far more frequently and is every bit as dangerous. Its so important to keep the risks in perspective. Life is inherently dangerous, and we choose what risks to expose ourselves to every day.

It sounds like you have done your research. You are going to cross at the cross walk and look both ways before crossing the street. It doesn't remove all chances that the truck won't squash you flat, but is that going to stop you from crossing the street? At some point, you have to decide that the experience is worth the risk. If the ice cream store is on the other side, then you are going to have to risk getting squashed by the truck, or never eat ice cream again. We remove posts that do not follow our posting guidelines, and we reserve the right to remove any post for any reason.

Hi Misha, you've done your homework and you know how to travel in Bear Country.

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That is called educating yourself and that is smart. It's good to be prepared. So, take away that knowledge - and go enjoy your time on the trails. It may sound strange but I fear for the people who go to take pictures of some of the elk. True they will not eat you but they are big an when provoked will put hooves or horns to who is bugging them. Most people have a fear of bears and show respect, elk look majestic and usually just stand around. You will enjoy your visit I am sure.

A lot of effort is made in keeping people aware of the bears. It makes it convenient to combine the two attractions. See the Banff Upper Hot Springs for hours and rates. The gondola is a short 5 minute drive from downtown Banff. Head south on Banff Avenue across the Spray River bridge. Turn left onto Cave Avenue after the bridge. Shortly after the road forks take the right onto Mountain Avenue and follow the gondola signs until you reach the parking lots and gondola terminal at the base of Sulphur Mountain.

I love taking the gondola to the top and actually prefer it in the winter when we can quite possibly be the only people up there. This past winter we went up and it was snowy and blowy at the top showing the power of Mother Nature. Then we took the gondola down and warmed up in the hot springs. Planning a trip to Banff in Sept. Was hoping I could get more information… I noticed that there are seatings at 5 pm and 7 pm. What time should we arrive at the base of the Gondola to make sure we make our dinner reservation?

Also, how much earlier can we arrive so that we can walk around at the top before our meal? Would you recommend the 5 pm or 7 pm seating? Any other information that you could recommend would be greatly appreciated. I looked up the sunset times for September in Banff. At the beginning of the month it says it is around pm and as you get towards the end of the month it is closer to pm.

You can go up the gondola as early as you would like prior to your meal time.

It depends on how much time you want for taking photos and walking around, but I would recommend taking the gondola up at least an hour or more prior to your meal. I would imagine if you take the 5pm seating that the sun will be getting close to setting as you are finishing your meal then you can go out on the boardwalks to enjoy it finish setting. If you do the 7pm seating you will be enjoying the sunset views during your meal. Either way you can go up earlier than the meal time and enjoy walking around to take in the views in the daylight.

There is a toll free number to call the gondola I will call it myself tomorrow and ask how the lift tickets work when you have a dinner reservation.

Lake Louise drowning victim located -

I would assume you get priority boarding if it is busy, but I will check to clarify that. Hi Audrey, Thanks for the info. I wonder how far in advance we should book our reservations for the Alpine Dinner Lights? We plan to go on Sept. If you do get a chance to call the number, could you please share any information you get from them? Thanks a bunch…. I contacted the number, it is through the company Explore Rockies that the bookings are done. They said it is best to book a while in advance if you know there is a specific date you want to do it.

It can sell out sometimes weeks in advance, and other times there may be spots still available. She said the experience of the lights is more in the winter months when it is getting dark by 5pm. If you wanted to have a chance of seeing the sunset and the lights of Banff then definitely book the 7pm seating. You would still be able to go up the gondola anytime you want, but the dinner option could sell out.

That includes the gondola and the prime rib dinner, but it does not include transportation to the gondola. You would need to do that on your own by car or the Roam bus. There is always the option of a taxi as well which would not cost that much. I did confirm you can go up whenever you want. To get on the gondola is still first come first serve with your tickets, but it should not be a problem in the afternoon and at that time of the year. September can still be busy, but nothing like the months of July and August.

Thanks Audrey… The information you provided was great. Fly into Edmonton from Ontario stay there for a couple days, head to Calgary, then to Banff, up to Jasper, and then back to Edmonton and then fly back to Ontario. Sounds like a great trip that you have planned.

Glad to hear you are going to Jasper as well. Shall appreciate to know the average temperature at the Summit of Sulphur Mountain in mid June of the year. The weather and temperature can and does jump all over the map, especially at this time of year. If you look up the average weather temperatures for June it ranges anywhere from 5. From Calgary, the town of Banff is an easy minute drive along the all-weather, four-lane Trans-Canada Highway Hwy 1.

Canadian Rockies: Driving in the Mountains

Lake Louise is a scenic 45 minutes further west. The larger of the two is Banff, offering visitors a multitude of services and amenities including shopping, spas, attractions, dining and nightlife. The hamlet of Lake Louise is much smaller and is perfect for those looking for a quiet, winter wonderland experience. Both locations offer a variety of accommodation choices, from grand castles to cozy condos, comfy lodges to budget-friendly hotels. There is also a third place to stay, the neighbouring mountain town of Canmore, located just outside of the park boundary. Our online booking engine is also easy to navigate, giving you options and accommodation ratings.

Getting around is easy. Once here, ski shuttle transportation is included with your SkiBig3 Lift Ticket.

Easy to moderate hiking trails around Lake Louise

Want the flexibility of your own vehicle? Your lift ticket includes free ski shuttle service to all three resorts, exclusive local dining specials. Why pay extra luggage fees? The SkiBig3 Adventure Hub offers a wide range of quality brands and styles for all ages. If staying connected is serious business for you, talk to your cell phone provider to organize a data plan for use in Canada.

No Longer Afraid (Home to Lake Louise) No Longer Afraid (Home to Lake Louise)
No Longer Afraid (Home to Lake Louise) No Longer Afraid (Home to Lake Louise)
No Longer Afraid (Home to Lake Louise) No Longer Afraid (Home to Lake Louise)
No Longer Afraid (Home to Lake Louise) No Longer Afraid (Home to Lake Louise)
No Longer Afraid (Home to Lake Louise) No Longer Afraid (Home to Lake Louise)
No Longer Afraid (Home to Lake Louise) No Longer Afraid (Home to Lake Louise)
No Longer Afraid (Home to Lake Louise) No Longer Afraid (Home to Lake Louise)
No Longer Afraid (Home to Lake Louise) No Longer Afraid (Home to Lake Louise)

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