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Even his footsteps sounded authoritative.

She jumped up and wiped her free hand on her skirts, wincing at the protestation of her stomach. Transferring the pistol, she wiped off her other hand, then raised the pistol with both hands, sighting down the barrel as her da taught her to do.

Pleasing the Pirate: A Rouge Regency Romance - Sharon Cullen

The door creaked open and Captain Phin stepped in. All six foot plus of him. He had to duck to clear the doorway and when he straightened, the top of his blond head nearly touched the ceiling. He locked stormy gray eyes on her. He was wearing a dark blue waistcoat with gold epaulets at the shoulders and absolutely nothing beneath it except a very large expanse of sun-browned skin. His breeches were tan in color and so tight she saw every muscle in his thighs ripple.

Pleasing the Pirate by Sharon Cullen

Rugged, well-worn boots reached his knees. Mairi tore her astonished gaze from his body to his face. This was not what she expected when she pictured Captain Phin Lockwood. Bowlegged, bent at the shoulders, a dry voice and rheumy eyes.

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She swallowed. A dark brown brow was lifted in query, a sensuous mouth twisted in an ironic smile. He crossed his arms over his naked chest and spread his very non-bowlegged legs to accommodate the rocking of the ship. Oh, dear.

It was smooth as the whiskey her da had kept in his study. Skip to primary content. Jacquelyn Wren is the daughter of a courtesan and the Chatelaine of Dragon's Caern, a woman without a real role in society but who feels responsibility towards the five young girls, daughters of the now-dead Baron of Dragon's Caern.

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When she's informed that a new man is coming to take over Dragon's Caern and to turn out all the people who currently live there, she agrees rather improbably to kill him. However, when Jacquelyn meets Captain Gabriel Drake on the road, she discovers that he is the son of the former Baron, a man whom people thought dead who has been living as a pirate for many years.

Gabriel has been pardoned by the Keeper of the King's Privy Seal and wants to return home. Gabriel understands that he needs to marry a rich woman because Dragon's Caern is almost penniless.

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However, as he is trained in polite behavior by Jacquelyn, his thoughts turn to her. Is there any way that he can avoid having to marry a fish-faced gentry woman and to have Jacquelyn?

Pleasuring a Pirate Pleasuring a Pirate
Pleasuring a Pirate Pleasuring a Pirate
Pleasuring a Pirate Pleasuring a Pirate
Pleasuring a Pirate Pleasuring a Pirate
Pleasuring a Pirate Pleasuring a Pirate
Pleasuring a Pirate Pleasuring a Pirate
Pleasuring a Pirate Pleasuring a Pirate

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