Raccolta di Poesie 2 (Italian Edition)

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Fondali raccolta di poesie in tre capitoli

Alessandro del Nero.

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Inuenzione del Sig. Andrea Saluadori. Descritta dal Rugginoso Percosso. The librettist was Andrea Salvadori, from to the principal author of texts for theatrical entertainments at the Florentine court. Cum plerisque Regulis, novisque Architecturae Operationibus ab Ipsomet in lucem evulgatis. Cum Indice Rerum notabilium ad calcem locupletissimo. Fabricae Divi Petri Deputatis. Large Folio: 44 x 32 cm.

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With 79 full-paged plates, some of which are folding. This impressive production was commissioned by the Sacred Congregation of the Construction of St Peter's the Fabricca , to justify the expense of rebuilding the church. It is presented by Fontana in seven parts: 1 Cose piu notabile della potenza Romana on the historic importance of St Peter's - here a plate is included showing overlapping plans of Old and New St.

National Gallery Washington , Mark J. Millard Architectural, IV , no. Early printed books, 2 , no. Moreover, the work includes the first illustrations of the planet Mars made from telescopic observation in and The first chapter includes a very early history of the telescope. Fulvio, Andrea ca. Illustrated with 93 woodcut illustrations of the architecture of Rome. This edition has been enlarged by Girolamo Ferrucci to include information on the dramatic renovations and new buildings constructed during the reign of Pope Sixtus V reg.

A number of the changes, renovations and restorations undertaken by Sixtus are depicted in the woodcuts, which were prepared specifically for this this edition.

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Pisa ii. Gamucci, Bernardo fl. Quarto: 24 x 17 cm. With an added folding plan.

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According to Schudt, Gamucci and Fulvio are the only late 16th c. Garbo, Tommaso de ca. Tractatus ejusdem de restauratione humidi radicalis. Tractatusque ejusdem de reductione medicinarum ad actum. This publication also includes the "Tractatus comminantium magistri Francisci de Bononia" [i. Francesco Zanelli] leaves 96rr and the "Reprobationes magistri Johannis de Penna. Son of the famous physician, professor of medicine, and author Dino del Garbo d. Giraldi Cintio, Giovanni Battista Discorsi Con la tavola delle cose piu notabili in tutti essi discorsi contenute. Almost all the main issues in Renaissance dramatic criticism are examined somewhere in his various works and prefaces.

Giraldi rejected the Greek arrangement of plays into prologue, episodes, and choral odes and returned to the five acts of the Roman theatre. Romana, Celia fl. Lettere amorose Erdmann, My Gracious Silence, p. BMSTC Gay II, later eds. On authorship and contents: L. Manca and G. Piroddi, Sassari , pp.


Cassini, Giovanni Maria Nuova raccolta delle megliori vedute antiche et moderne di Roma disegnate ed incise da Giovanni Cassini. Oblong folio: 27 x Engraved allegorical title, dedication leaf, index, and 80 engraved plates. First edition of these elegant views of Roman monuments by the engraver Giovanni Maria Cassini, who learned his craft from none other than Giambattista Piranesi, and who would go on to win fame as an important map and globe-maker. Schudt and pp. Choix Rossetti G Schlosser "Guida molto importante".

In Contemporary Bindings. Roisecco, Gregorio 18th c. Benedetto XIV..

Divisa in tre tomi. A beautiful three-volume set, describing and illustrating the ancient, medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque monuments and buildings of Rome. In addition to the 3 engraved title pages, the 2 folding engraved maps, and the 29 folding engraved plates, the three volumes are illustrated with engravings in the text. I with 82, Vol. II with 68, Vol.

Raccolte di poesie di Mario Benedetti

III with 8. This publication marks the culmination of a long series of developments in illustrated guides to Rome. Roisecco, Niccola 18th c. Il tutto cavato dal Baronio, Bosio, Nardini, Grevio, ed altri classici autori. Like the anonymous Lyonnais annotator, this editor also exhibits an implicit understanding that the Italian anthologies were used as sourcebooks containing a variety of reusable fragments.

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By while the Lyonnais annotator emphasized the reuse of small fragments within a single sonnet, the editor of the R encontre understood this fragmentation more globally, for he saw that individual whole poems could be recombined in an infinite number of ways to create a completely new work, as the r encontre itself, a newly minted c anzoniere in its own right, helps to prove.

Nevertheless, it is certainly possible that the r encontre editor recognized this interplay between the anthology and canzoniere formats and that this recognition prompted him to experiment with yet another possible intersection of the two heretofore distinct genres. Cognizant of the inherent discontinuity of the anthology format, this reader no doubt knew that French poets, from Du Bellay to Desportes, found in the Giolito anthologies a treasure trove of images, conceits, and rhymes that could easily be disengaged from their original context and placed in a new poem, even one with a very different thematic development.

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The compiler of the r encontre, on the other hand, implicitly acknowledges that French authors throughout the sixteenth century persisted in composing canzonieri, a genre that their Italian neighbors had largely abandoned in favor of publishing their poems in an anthology format. Yet he also saw that, in organizing these canzonieri, French poets drew from the Italian anthologies, reshaping their disparate pieces in new ways and using them as building blocks with which to construct their own personal narrative.

More pertinently, this collection recreates the imitative process used by Desportes himself, demonstrating its inherent creativity, and especially proclaiming the pivotal role of the Italian anthologies as a sourcebook for Renaissance poets. Chi vede , di c ostanzo, Fiori Duo vaghi , t ebaldeo, Opere O chiome , t ebaldeo, Opere Itene o miei , f iorentino, Fiori A che presti , t ebaldeo, Opere Si dolce , t ebaldeo, Opere Gionto nel , t ebaldeo, Opere Lasso non basta , t ebaldeo, Opere A che contra , t ebaldeo, Opere A che cieco , t ebaldeo, Opere E si , t ansillo, Fiori Non con , di c ostanzo, Fiori Letto, se , t ebaldeo, Opere Ahi chi , v eniero, Fiori Orrida notte , t ansillo, Fiori Come fido , b.

Parto , di c ostanzo, Fiori Occhi, che , di c ostanzo, Fiori Come soffrir , t ebaldeo, Opere Poi che , b. Come da , g uidiccioni, Fiori Se di quei , t ansillo, Fiori Signor, se miri , m olza, Fiori Jean R. Tasso were published in some anthologies. It is known, however, that Desportes owned a copy of Tutte le opere di Francesco Berni in terza rima Jean Balsamo, Paris, Klincksieck, , pp.

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When referring to works other than the anthologies, the annotator usually gives the poem number rather than page number, making it impossible to determine which edition he or she was using. Indeed, given the occasional misspellings that occur in the notes e. Victor E. Graham, Geneva, Droz, , p. Graham, p. Con alcuni dottissimi avertimenti di M. Alberto Asor Rosa, Turin, Einaudi, , pp.

Jannini, Geneva, Droz, , p.

Raccolta di Poesie 2 (Italian Edition) Raccolta di Poesie 2 (Italian Edition)
Raccolta di Poesie 2 (Italian Edition) Raccolta di Poesie 2 (Italian Edition)
Raccolta di Poesie 2 (Italian Edition) Raccolta di Poesie 2 (Italian Edition)
Raccolta di Poesie 2 (Italian Edition) Raccolta di Poesie 2 (Italian Edition)
Raccolta di Poesie 2 (Italian Edition) Raccolta di Poesie 2 (Italian Edition)
Raccolta di Poesie 2 (Italian Edition) Raccolta di Poesie 2 (Italian Edition)
Raccolta di Poesie 2 (Italian Edition) Raccolta di Poesie 2 (Italian Edition)
Raccolta di Poesie 2 (Italian Edition) Raccolta di Poesie 2 (Italian Edition)
Raccolta di Poesie 2 (Italian Edition) Raccolta di Poesie 2 (Italian Edition)

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