Reluctant Hunger (Hunger Series Book 2)

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Add your rating See all kid reviews. Katniss and Peeta, rich and famous from having won the annual Hunger Games, are reluctanly embarking on a Capitol-sponsored victory tour through the 12 districts of the dystopian world Panem. They are now seen as a threat to oppressive Capitol, having defied the Gamemakers with their subversive victory. This act of rebellion has ignited growing unrest within the districts.

To her dismay, Katniss is looked upon as the leader of this uprising.


Katniss briefly considers escaping with her family and friends before reluctantly assuming her role as rebel leader. The insidious President Snow is prepared to do whatever is necessary to quash this budding uprising.

Michael Grant: Hunger (Gone Series Book 2)

Collins does not disappoint in this enthralling, entirely satisfying sequel. More of the story takes place outside the arena than within, but there is plenty of action-packed combat. Collins offers readers intriguing insights into the nation of Panem: its power structure, rumors of a secret district, and the spreading rebellion.

The story is equally rich in provocative political and social commentary, and exploring epic themes of morality, obedience, oppression, rebellion, redemption, sacrifice and, of course, survival.

The author also creates a tantalizing and unresolved love triangle between Katniss, Peeta, and Gale that will leave questioning readers desperate for the next installment. This novel can stand alone but readers will have a much a richer experience if they begin with The Hunger Games. Families can talk about all the rich themes in this book.

Considering current reality TV offerings and America's cultural obsession with violence, how hard is it to imagine people killing one another as entertainment? What are some examples from the past in which such "entertainment" did exist? Are there any TV programs or video games that remind remind you of the Hunger Games tournament? How are they similar?

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What does the Capitol do to people in the distrcits that can be called oppressive? Are there governments in the world today that could be considered as oppressive? Why is Katniss the best person to be the symbolic leader of the uprising? What are Katniss' true feelings towards Gale and Peeta?

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In "The Hunger Games", sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen volunteers to take her young sister's place in the cruel Hunger Games, an annual televised competition where children fight to the death until one remains. Although I'd watched all the movie adaptations before reading this book, I was still completely hooked. Everything about this book is absolutely fantastic -- the characters, the plot, the writing.

The characters are complex and complicated, blurring the line between good and evil -- Katniss, in many ways, makes a phenomenal anti-hero. The plot moves quickly -- every chapter leaves on a cliffhanger, making it impossible to put the book down. The writing is succinct and gripping. The only criticism I could think of is that the beginning is a little slow, but it picks up very quickly from there.

Everyone should read this book -- it's possibly one of the greatest books I've ever read. My friend recommended this book to me and I was a little weary after hearing her description. Once I actually managed to pick the book up and read it, I instantly fell in love with this book.

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The subject matter is super heavy as the main character, Lia, struggles with an eating disorder and self harm but this book still managed to have me laugh once or twice. The story follows Lia after she finds out the news that her former best friend had died from her own eating disorder.

I think this book is truly an amazing read because not only is it a good source of entertainment, it manages to help people who haven't gone through what Lia has get a better understanding of eating disorders and self harm. The way that Lia's calorie intake is marked in the book and her hidden thoughts helped to make the book stand out and be unique from other novels I read. While I can fully admit this isn't a book that everyone can stomach, it's a book that managed to make its way to my top ten favorite books of all time.

I'm glad my friend recommended it to me and I would gladly recommend it to someone else. Reviewer Grade Richard's cousin, Malley, has always been rebellious. However, this time Richard is really worried about her. Malley ran off with some guy that she met online and the cops can't find her. Richard knows that he can find her so he embarkes on an adventure along with Skink, a moderately sane one-eyed wandering vigilante.

Skink No Surrender is awesome. Complete with daunting storms, poisonous snakes, giant gators, flying bullets, and a supposedly extinct woodpecker. Skink No Surrender is full of twists and turns that makes it impossible to put down. I read this book in under two days and I highly recommend it for any middle schooler or high schooler that is looking for a great adventure story. Kamran and Darius Smith made a code of honor when they were kids; be the bravest of, the brave strongest of the strong ,help the helpless, kill all monsters.

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But when Darius graduates at west point, and then joins the army, he is captured by the Al Qaeda and forced to make public broadcasts about threats from the terrorist group. After that happened Kamran is taken to a government facility and decides to prove that Darius is innocent. Together they help Kamran rescue Darius, but wait, one of someone might be a traitor to the team.


The Hunger Games has a futuristic setting were there are 12 districts in Panem, the only civilization left in the world. The Hunger Games was a punishment for the districts who rebelled against the Capital, in the Hunger Games people are chosen to fight to the death is a arena literally big enough for a whole natural habitat.

Our main character Katniss Everdeen is a 16 year old girl who lives in district Her sister was chosen to participate in the Hunger Games, but Katniss took her place as a tribute. How will she survive against other people chosen to partake in the Hunger Games, an a few mutants every hear and there. I read this book because I had heard a lot about the show, but I wanted to read the book rather than watch it.

I was a little disappointed. It was a quick read, but it seemed to lack strong characterization. I especially did not like the narrator, Clay Jensen, just because he does not have much depth of character. The writing style is intriguing and mysterious, but it did not make up for the two-dimensional characters.

This book was not bad, and it presented many meaningful issues, but the way it was written made it drab and even repetitive. However, I would still recommend this book to those who are interested in the show. Divergent is part of a 3-book series.

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It's about a 16 year old girl named Beatrice Prior who lives in a Dystopian society. There are five factions, Candor, Amity, Dauntless, Erudite, and Abnegation, each of which represent and practice one virtue that the government believes to be the causes of war when they are lacking.

When each child in the society reaches the age of 16, they must choose one faction to dedicate their lives to. An aptitude test displays to them which faction they would most belong in, however, Beatrice comes out as Divergent, someone who contains the attributes of more than just one faction. Being Divergent is a threat toward the society and the government, and if they find out you're Divergent, you will be killed.

Reluctant Hunger (Hunger Series Book 2) Reluctant Hunger (Hunger Series Book 2)
Reluctant Hunger (Hunger Series Book 2) Reluctant Hunger (Hunger Series Book 2)
Reluctant Hunger (Hunger Series Book 2) Reluctant Hunger (Hunger Series Book 2)
Reluctant Hunger (Hunger Series Book 2) Reluctant Hunger (Hunger Series Book 2)
Reluctant Hunger (Hunger Series Book 2) Reluctant Hunger (Hunger Series Book 2)
Reluctant Hunger (Hunger Series Book 2) Reluctant Hunger (Hunger Series Book 2)
Reluctant Hunger (Hunger Series Book 2) Reluctant Hunger (Hunger Series Book 2)
Reluctant Hunger (Hunger Series Book 2) Reluctant Hunger (Hunger Series Book 2)
Reluctant Hunger (Hunger Series Book 2)

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