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Article Review : ' Using Nooks On Hook Reluctant Readers By Rebecca Dierking

Several factors, or threads defined by the author, affecting student engagement evolved from the research. The threads reluctant readers expressed, consisted of convenience, novelty, escape, privacy, and flow through implementing e-readers into the classroom to foster engagement of the reluctant readers through choice and time. Convenience 21st Century learner is naturally interested in technology and they see the e-readers as being more convenient than the traditional text.

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The reluctant readers expressed several reasons why they were compelled to read using an e-reader versus a traditional text. I think you have to make a positive decision that you will never finish the book in question before you can really blog it.

Rebecca Judd dreading her children going to Schoolies

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「Harlequin Comic」Previews for The Reluctant Husband

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Of course behind the fun lie serious concerns. Like Eros, we too are going through a difficult phase. Whereas for earlier generations passion might have kicked the relationship off, marriage itself was very much about duty, religious belief and financial and social concerns.

If you had money and time and social position you frequently found your pleasure outside the marriage. If you were poor, you were a lot more worried about putting food on the table for your family then about whether your husband had affirmed your needs that week.

Divorce was not really an option and if it were, women in particular ended up greatly disadvantaged both socially and financially. Nowadays we all have options and opportunities like never before and with these come much higher expectations, not least of what constitutes a fulfilling relationship.

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We stay because we wish to, not because society tells us we have to.

Reluctant Rebecca Reluctant Rebecca
Reluctant Rebecca Reluctant Rebecca
Reluctant Rebecca Reluctant Rebecca
Reluctant Rebecca Reluctant Rebecca
Reluctant Rebecca Reluctant Rebecca
Reluctant Rebecca Reluctant Rebecca

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