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Search our website. The Battle Cry of Freedom. Interactive zoomable image needs Flash. Full size printable image. Tilden, Mrs. Wilson, W. Contact us Advertisements. Skip to main content. Home Page. Hear the Battle Cry. Hear the battle cry resounding Author: Fanny J. Representative Text 1 Hear the battle cry resounding; Lo! Author: Fanny J. Crosby Refrain First Line: Take the cross and wave.

So it is with "The Battle Cry of Peace.

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It has given the exhibitor a film which will coin a lot of money, because "The Battle Cry of Peace" comes into the field at a moment when every American is faced with the realization this country is in a general state of what is termed "unpreparedness. In a publicity way it should be worth columns of space. Its value to Sunday editors throughout the country should be immense for it contains materials for a series of special stories that could run for weeks.

Take each and every town and hamlet in the entire country and bring the question of the national defense home to them by taking their own buildings and tearing them asunder, in imagination, with the shells of the big guns of the enemy. Of course the picture as presented by the Vitagraph does not point in any way to one foreign nation, but there can be no doubt in the minds of any one who witnesses the screen presentation that Germany is pointed at.

This is quite apparent in the general type of men who have been selected to represented the invading forces.

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Some time ago someone stated the greatest friends in the world to the United States were the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. At that time it was true, but today, with the modern floating fortresses and the giant ocean carriers, one hundred of which could easily bring an army of , invaders to our shores in less than a week, under the protection of a navy that would be far superior to our own, these natural defenses are almost valued at naught.

Stuart Blackton wrote the scenario for the picture and is also to publish the story in book form later. Maxim due credit in both the literature regarding the film and in the picture itself. He has worked Mr. Maxim into the story and the aged inventor himself appears in the introductory portion.

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Blackton might have gone a little further and extended some credit to the author of "The Conquest of America in ," at present running in McClure's Magazine, for in the picture Mr. Blackton depicts the fall of New York City much after the fashion in which it is described in the magazine story, At present the film is in nine reels, but when put on the market it may be cut to about 7, feet.

Then there is the development of the story proper, which carries a tremendous dramatic punch, and which seemingly runs for about four reels. This is followed by about two reels of allegorical matter, also drawn out and too lengthy. The punch of the picture comes after the bombardment of New York, when the two Harrison boys return to their home to find the house has been wrecked by one of the shells and both their mother and their sister have been slain.

The story briefly related deals with two American families. One, the Harrisons consisting of mother, daughter and two sons; the other, the Vandergriffs, comprising Mr. Vandergriff, his wife, son and two daughters. The latter is a peace advocate who favors disarmament. In his home he welcomes Emanon, who also professes to be an advocate of peace, but who in reality is a foreign spy.

To give a slight idea of the ramifications of the foreign spy system, the governess employed by the Vandergriffs is also given the role of an informer. John Harrison is in love with the eldest daughter of Vandergriff. He attends a lecture by Mr. Maxim and is much impressed with the manner in which the defenseless condition of the country is denounced. He tries to convince Mr.

Vandergriff later of the mistake he is making in assisting in the peace movement through disarmament, and lends himself to the work of providing a half billion dollar fund, to be a bond issue subscribed to by all of the millionaires of the country to be used in the upbuilding of our national defenses. A little later when Mr. Vandergriff is presiding at a gigantic peace meeting, a foreign fleet appears outside of New York City and while out of the range of our coast defense guns, proceeds to batter the town to pieces.

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This seems to have occurred without the formality of a declaration of war, but it serves its purpose for the picture story. The city capitulates and the invader is upon our shores. They swarm our streets and their hosts are innumerable. One can recall R. Davis' description of the great grey cloud that marched for hours through the streets of Brussels only to fade like a mist in the distance.

At the home of the Vandergriffs all is in turmoil. The Harrison boys, after having been to their own home to find both mother and sister dead, rush to the home of their friends. The peace-advocate-spy has about revealed himself and as Harrison is about to pounce on him he draws a revolver and fires twice through a window.

Below the invaders are marching past, the shots fell two of the soldiers and the house is at once broken into. The spy calmly informs the officer in charge the elder Vandergriff procured the revolver and that Harrison fired the shots. Both are placed under arrest and taken with a number of other men to a building where several score are lined against a wall and a machine gun turned on them.

The remainder of the Vandergriff family in escaping pass the scene of the slaughter and in taking a last look at their dead discover John Harrison is still alive. They place him in the car. Before the escape from the home the Vandergriff women were in the building with the spy and his assistant, the governess.

The spy tries to make love to the daughter of the banker and she takes a revolver from his coat pocket and kills him, forcing the governess into a closet and locking her there. In making their escape from the city in the car the Vandergriffs are overhauled by a squadron of cavalry the commander of which commandeers the machine. The men in the car make an effort to protect the women and are bayoneted by the troopers.

The women are taken to a country house by the commander and the three are locked into a room.

The mother realizes her two daughters are to become the prey of the soldiers after they have filled themselves with liquor and she takes the revolver with which the girl killed the spy and calmly shoots both of her children, becoming insane with grief immediately after.

This is the close of the picture story and the allegory follows. It would seem the picture would have had greater effect if the last two reels could have been devoted to following the invading army on their course into New England, rather than the showing as it does of a lot of pretty pictures. The acting cast with which Charles Richman, who is the star of the production, has been surrounded is one of tremendous strength and the work of Mary Maurice, Miss Louise Beaudet and Norma Talmadge is particularly worthy of individual mention. From a pictorial standpoint the picture is a revelation.

There are a score of panorama scenes, some of which have been taken from hydroplanes flying over New York, which are little short of wonderful. The picturing of the bombardment of the city has been worked out in a manner which will win universal admiration, and the fleets and forts in action adds much to the stirring value.

An animated, arresting, and sometimes lurid argument for the immediate and radical improvement of our national defenses was presented on the screen yesterday morning, when "The Battle Cry for Peace," an elaborate new photo-pageant, was shown for the first time before an invited audience at the Vitagraph Theatre.

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Its rapidly shifting scenes picture the bombardment and invasion of New York City and the subjection of its people to the horrors that have been the Belgians portion in the twelvemonth just come to a close. Thus is the rising propaganda for greater preparedness carried into the movies. This new film has been devised and completed by Commodore J. Plus a slender plot, a modicum of "heart interest" and a great deal of flag-waving. Maxim's "Defenseless America.

Blackton's argument that, with the screens of the country at his disposal, he could reach the people with the Maxim data at a much more rapid pace than the book itself could possibly achieve. In his brief talk yesterday he said he hoped and expected to show the picture to 75,, persons in the next six months. In his scenario, Mr. Blackton deals roughly with the pacifists and generally advances his argument by bludgeon strokes.

The Battle Cry
The Battle Cry
The Battle Cry
The Battle Cry
The Battle Cry
The Battle Cry
The Battle Cry
The Battle Cry

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