The Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage

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For Schlessinger, "feminism robbed women of their essence and their ability to find pure joy and happiness," but the fair sex can regain that by promoting a traditional relationship with their husbands.

'Care & Feeding Of Marriage' (CBS News)

Many of Schlessinger's golden rules recall suggestions from previous books: avoid interfaith marriage, stay together for the sake of the children and never say no to a husband who wants sex. Never insist that a man wash his own dishes, either; both women and men should respect the division of labor and a woman's status as homemaker. Although Schlessinger acknowledges that men have a responsibility to communicate and recommends that they express gratitude to their wives for domestic attentions, she clearly delineates a successful marriage as one between a male financial provider and a female emotional caregiver.

Though this latest guide will confirm Dr. Laura's retrograde views for many, devotees will continue to look to her for answers. I don't know why so many women loathe Dr Laura for telling women calling DrL-aura as to why their marriages or kids are failing other than the truth hurts. I'm a guy and I bought this book because I doubt my wife would ever read it.

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This book gave me huge insights on why I chose my wife and lots of ideas on how to better tell my wife what I need to be a better husband and father. I can only imagine how powerful this book would be in the hands of a woman trying to actually understand a real man and what it takes to keep them happy and engaged. I am not sure this book will connect with all readers, many are critical of the authors view of working women but my wife and I are proof that the suggestions provided by the author do in fact work.

Many of us can agree or disagree with the book, but I do not believe anyone can disagree that working on your commitment to the marriage is crucial in the healthy upbringing of children, this book helped us focus on that. My wife and I had been having some issues and a friend suggested that I read his book. I am glad I did. It has a great perspective.

Both husband and wife have power in their relationship, and both need to realize this to ensure for themselves the personal satisfaction they yearn for. Laura explores the best ways a couple can relate, caretake, and nurture each other, and how to rescue a troubled marriage that seems doomed to fail. Using real-life examples from her call-in radio show, Dr. Laura focuses on the typical mistakes made by men and women in their relationships, and gives us real-life solutions for keeping our unions strong, loving, and lasting.

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The first and most obvious issue in approaching the glory and angst of marriage is to understand the fundamentals of the two people involved; one is a woman, the other is a man. And that is no small thing! Sometimes it must seem to frustrated spouses that each has more genetics in common with flies and daffodils than each other. So much sociopolitical time and effort has been spent trying to eliminate the reality, subtlety, magic, and meaning of masculine and feminine, that men and women are afraid and hostile to acknowledge their own pleasure in being such and in yearning for the complementary gender in their spouse.

I remember some twenty-five years ago working with a middle-aged couple on their marital problems. Frankly it seemed as though they were hopeless, refusing to spend any time at all on their difficulties other than complaining and blaming each other for their unhappiness. I recall closing my eyes for a moment and just listening. I could hear the hurt, loss, and need in their voices. Instead of trying to reconcile their problems I decided to get to the root of the plant and stop worrying first about the way the petals looked.

I opened my eyes and interrupted their fight by saying, slowly, to each of them, Sir, what do you do to make her feel like a woman? They both just stared at me, speechless. I insisted that they answer my question, despite their determination to get back into the fight. Finally she began to cry softly, and he looked deflated, when just seconds before, they were both energized, reddened with anger.

We had some fifteen minutes left to the session, and they had nothing to say—to me or to each other. Marriages are not business arrangements of coworkers or co-owners. Marriages are the joining of two minds, bodies, souls, spirits, hopes, dreams, needs, personalities, and different genders. Unisex clothing does not erase the fact that men and women are very different creatures, and that they are each at their best in enjoying life and love when they revel in those differences with awe and respect.

I did a number of surveys on my Web site www. Presented here are, in no order, the most frequently mentioned answers. This first group of answers are from men, and they are about their perceptions and feelings about women in general.

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So you women need to read these with an open heart and mind, for in these answers are many of the solutions to your marital problems with your husbands. You men need to read those with the same open heart and mind, if you wish to move your marriage into a more satisfying place in your life. Social skills, nurturing nature, compassion, sensitivity, listening skills, focus on relationships and bonding friends, family, community. They take the rough, hard edges off this world, they bring feelings and emotions and a sense of intimacy to us logical guys.

The Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage: How to keep your husband happy and make love last

They can create a home out of any environment, adding aesthetics color, grace, beauty to life, they make a house into a sanctuary…a home, homemaking. Paul, a listener, added: " What I admire the most among many things in women generally is the strength, inspiration, love, and support they give men. They are the balance that counterweights all the chaos, hard times, and heartache us men go through.

I believe that men yearn for their spiritual and psychological counterbalance to humanize and beautify life.

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That understanding is lost to too many women today. Sadly it is all too typical for women to want to be seen by their men as the high-powered position they have at work, instead of as a woman , with those special attributes that are natural to her and yearned for by her man. But the reality is that women today do not think of themselves in the context of helping their man. Women today have been brainwashed into thinking that efforts in that direction are in the category of oppression, subservience, and catering to frail male egos. It is sad that this is the prevalent point of view, because interdependence is what ultimately feeds both the man and the woman what they truly need to be happy.

Generally when people lob the phrase know your place, the understanding is that they are reminding someone of their subordinate position in a relationship or situation. I look at that quite differently. I believe that when a man knows that he actually has a place with his woman, and she with her man, they bring the best out in the other—and enjoy life more feeling purposeful, needed, wanted, and necessary.

Christine, a listener, can tell you: " My job is just a place I go to for a couple of hours so I can make money. I get my good feelings from home, not from work. Of course, the work women do can be very important and very satisfying—mine is to me! But, but, but, but the ultimate meaning of my life comes from my position in my family, not my position on any ratings scale or bestseller list. Emotional manipulation, complaining, nagging, controlling through hurt or anger, their ability to verbally rip apart your soul, having always to get their way. Moodiness, women initially express anger with slamming doors, pouting, and such, and it takes time to find out the root of the matter, bitchy bossy, superior attitude.

They want to talk everything to death, often without coming to any conclusion or without the intent to actually solve anything. Constant demand for validation, take everything too personally, obsessed with looks but not for sake of pleasing husbands. Unable to apologize to a man, stay angry and hold grudges a long time, shrillness and fault-finding. Inability or unwillingness to understand what a man is, man-hating tendencies these days, not letting the man in their life be a man, too quickly annoyed with the true nature of a man.

Frankly, ladies, I can attest to these unpleasant traits as valid complaints since I talk mostly to scores of women for three hours each weekday—and I live in the real world.

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For example, in question one, men applaud our emotional sensitivity. Well, put that in overdrive and we have emotional chaos moodiness, PMS, etc. Men also applaud our social skills, until they get into the arena of our trying to control everything and everybody by having things our way. It is the smart woman who learns how to temper her emotions and use them wisely. Glenda, a listener, got to that point:.

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The Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage The Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage
The Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage The Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage
The Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage The Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage
The Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage The Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage
The Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage The Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage

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