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    You know what to do. Find the 'Shiki Fuujin' and transfer it to me. As he searched through the mind of the famed Yellow Flash, he came upon what was needed.

    Twisted Rage

    It was a bit foggy from the morphine, but it was so close to the forefront of his mind that a little morphine wouldn't be any trouble. He extracted the memory almost instantly, not wanting to need to think about it's complexities. Sarutobi Hiruzen stepped out into the battlefield, child crooked under one arm.

    The boy was cooing softly, thanks to the older man's extensive training with little children. As they came closer to the epicenter of the battle, Hiruzen became more and more saddened to see the dozens of bodies littering the earth, their only purpose to distract the great beast long enough for a single child to be born and take up the burden of containing it.

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    Hiruzen had seen the seal Minato planned to use, and it both shocked and disgusted the man. He was willing to turn his own son into a Hiruzen would have none of it, knowing a seal that would seal the fox just as effectively with the Death God's help, but would forever lock it away in the child, never allowing it to surface. The beast would have escaped with the death of the boy, or even emotional stress, under Minato's eight-trigram seal.

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    6. Hiruzen would use ten. The Kyuubi turned to face it's final adversary of it's long life, a wrinkled, aging man, with a child under his arm.

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      A tiny part of his mind, which still contained the self-respect of the Juubi, was laughing uncontrollably, but his summoner, his controller, brought him to attack the man as quickly as he saw the seals flash out from his hands. The beast had spotted him, and too soon at that. There probably wouldn't be any time to finish the ancient rite to summon the Shinigami, but he had to try.

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      He wasn't the God of Shinobi for nothing.

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      Twisted Rage

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